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Wine label

These label preposals where kept clean, classic, used multi-font and targeted at premium wine enthusiasts as the cliented requested. 1 day deadline has its difficulties however the outcomes are elegant and sophisticated.

Client: Marro Wines, Califonia Work: Label design Date: 2014

The state of the internet (Infographic)

Collating statistics to express the dominance of the Internet in 2013 and the importance of fit-for-purpose website design.
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Client: Personal Work: Infographic Date: 2013

Infographic for Nepal's clinics

I was asked to create a very basic infographic, detailing the key events in washing hands effectively. This poster will be used in clinics in rural Nepal to demonstrate the importance of hygiene to patients. 

Client: Moving Mountains Work: Poster Design Date: 2013

Website proposal.

Londonfgss is one of the world’s largest forums for cycling related exchanges. As a member of LondonFGSS, I wanted to visually upgrade the appearance without changing the layout; which forum members have become used to. 

Client: Work: Website layout design Date: 2012

CV Design

C.V. has been censored for client’s privacy.
S. Richmond wanted a C.V. to appeal and reflect to the industry in which she was going to focus her career on; textiles and surface pattern.

Client: S. RICHONDS Work: C.V. Design Date: 2011

Photo-magic onto clients' photographs.

I was asked to super-impose C. Mason’s work onto the stationary she photographed. 

Client: C. Mason Work: Photo editing Date: 2011

Logo for new fashion brand.

H. Mayhew wanted a feminine logo to brand her work. I came up with a typographic response, which was based on the motion of stitching. I also provided the photos above. 

Client: H. Mayhew Work: Logo design Date: 2009

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